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Zodiac Corner: Virgo

Hello beautiful people! Can you believe it's September already? I feel like this year is just FLYING by! I decided to share one of my passions with you all. Many of you know how much I love following zodiac signs so I decided to bring some monthly zodiac wisdom. Hope you enjoy!

It’s Virgo season and I have so many fun facts about finding your perfect mate and a chance to find everlasting love. Hopefully this might help you when looking for Mr. (or Ms.) Wonderful: Are you a single Virgo? Well today is your lucky day as we talk about who your most compatible and least compatible signs are:

Virgos are generally most compatible with Capricorn, Taurus, Cancer and Scorpio and least compatible with Gemini and Sagittarius if looking for a romantic relationship.

Let's talk about Capricorn. Why Capricorn you ask? In my view, Virgo and Capricorn are the best match and what you are about to read below may confirm why this is my view:

When Virgo and Capricorn join together in a love match, their relationship is pragmatic and smart. Both signs expect a lot from themselves and others. Virgo adores Capricorn’s dedication and intensity, while Capricorn admires Virgo’s intuition and attention to detail. Together they form a solid union based solely on reality.

This relationship has a strong foundation that is based on material security and a realistic approach to life in general. These signs don’t let their emotions or impulses take over and you can count on both. Virgo can help Capricorn to relax a little and appreciate all they have worked to attain. Capricorn can help Virgo achieve goals and makes dreams a reality through initiation. They live a very comfortable life together. This couple will share a life of domestic and romantic bliss.

The best aspect of the Virgo-Capricorn relationship is their amazing dedication and similar goals. Both partners enjoy security and material objects. They work very well together to achieve their goals. Their mutual interests make for a lasting and happy relationship.

All you Virgos out there I want to hear about any relationships you have had with a Capricorn. Drop a comment below! Always remember, passion starts with a Rose.



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