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Tineka Hesketh

Helping me to get my relationship right from the start has made a huge difference. Thank you so much for your kind words, encouragement and wisdom.

Violet Hatzes

I had a session with Rose. I like her sincerity and honesty. She doesn't sugarcoat anything. She speaks from experience. She is compassionate and truly cares. I truly recommend her! 

Lesa Weislogel

Rose is a compassionate, kind and loving coach. My sessions with her are always so powerful for me. She listens attentively, makes me feel comfortable, and patiently guides me through steps to help change my mindset. I feel lucky to have found her.

Michelle Denis

I have known Rose for a while now and she has always been supportive.  She is amazing. Rose is kind-hearted and genuinely cares for people. She asks me questions to get me to think about what I want and deserve. I appreciate her honesty. She speaks from experience and her teaching me self-love changed my mindset for the better. Rose made me realize I deserve better and not to settle. She is such a blessing!

Alex MG

My session with coach Rose was absolutely a miracle. It was truly the best relationship coaching session I have ever had. 


From the start she made me feel comfortable and safe. She could tell I wanted to get things off of my chest but that was I hesitant and embarrassed, so she expertly opened up a beautiful, safe, space for me to be vulnerable without shame and for me to feel safe. Stepping into that space with her was incredible. 


Coach Rose gave me the hope and confidence to heal my relationship with myself and my relationship with husband - relationships I that I had been ready to give up on the possibility of  healing. She shifted my mindset and gave me new hope and faith in love, intimacy, my body image and my relationship with myself.


Coach Rose is a true gift to have one’s life and I am grateful to receive her coaching. I felt that she was really able to relate to everything that I was going through and I really felt her belief in me and my ability to heal and grow. It is rare and precious to feel so understood and seen by someone. Coach Rose’s life experiences, her resiliency, wisdom, and insightful perspective enable her to truly understand and relate to her clients.


Coach Rose helped me with my body image issues, my feelings of (lack of) self-worth, and how these are at the root of my problems in my romantic relationship. She was able to see all the barriers and obstacles I had and started helping me knock them down, one by one. I felt deeply empowered by Coach Rose, and things I thought were unsolvable quickly became solvable with her coaching. 


I had so many breakthroughs working with her. I had a major mindset shift on opening up to love and intimacy. We went deep on so many levels about how I wanted romance and intimacy but how I was struggling, and Coach Rose gave me concrete steps I could take and exercises to start working on to heal the root problems. 


Working with Coach Rose I went from feeling insecure, ashamed of my problems, afraid to open up about them, and feeling dumb and ugly, to feeling safe to open up and talk about my desires and needs and feeling resilient and adaptable. Coach Rose helped me re-frame what I had thought were my flaws to my strengths and the source of sexiness. 


I highly recommend coach Rose to every woman who wants greater confidence and to feel sexier for who they are as they are. I highly recommend her to every woman who wants more romance in their lives and wants healthier, stronger, more fulfilling relationships. I highly recommend coach Rose to any woman who has given up on love, romance, or ever feeling beautiful again. Coach Rose has a rare and incredible ability to truly listen deeply to her clients and make them feel safe and powerful and believed in, her mindful attention is truly nourishing and activates growth in ways one cannot even imagine until one had experienced coaching sessions with her. I am profoundly grateful to have found coach Rose and to be her client. Booking a session with Coach Rose will change your life.

Paul Traikos

I wanted to thank you for a wonderful 6 weeks of the positive Intelligence program. The program has really touched me in ways I could not have imagined. I am looking forward to the extension of the course to continue to better myself, of course all this is possible because having you as a coach has helped me with the understanding of the program and you have added a touch of care that cannot be met. Your attention to us in the pods and on a one to one bases made me feel the genuine care for what you do and that is keeping people together while strengthening their mind and soul. Thank you again Rose, I'll be honest we had sought the services of several different avenues and it is wonderful to have found one that actually works. I am a better man today than I was 6 weeks ago and God only knows how much better I can become.

Lulu Benvenuto

I have to give you thanks… I know life for me hasn’t been easy mentally but I’ve come along way I can see that. The word “fire” in your business name must be because it’s something you must have in your heart for your drive to make people better. Your kindness, non judgmental way made me feel most comfortable and open to telling you anything! What you have is a true gift in helping others. I know because you’ve helped me see my gifts. Because of you and your program it helped me see my true self, it helped me become more empathetic toward myself and others… made me realize that I am capable of a better life for myself, letting go of the things one cannot control…. You helped me open my eyes to a better life of ease, relaxation, love and appreciation for myself. We have to accept who we are and love ourselves! “It takes baby steps, start small, it’s ok if you don’t master things at the moment” is what you would say which made me feel comfortable and willing to keep going. You and your program have shown me and taken me beyond that, it’s showed me life isn’t perfect, people aren’t perfect and most of all I am not perfect! Yes, I know that in reality but the brain was what needed to relax and see that, accept it, embrace it. I thank you from the bottom of my heart, for all your support, acceptance of all my fears and emotions, because you and your program made me a better person! 

Janiece McIntosh

Coaching with Rose’s Fire Within Life, is one of the most impactful coaching course I’ve ever taken. Within two weeks the relationship between my partner and I (which had become stagnate from years of stresses) shifted and transformed beyond what I thought was even possible. We began going on surprise dates and cuddling like we did when we first met in our 20s. We communicate to one another with honesty and respect. We are supportive of one another and it feels as if we’ve gotten a fresh start at our relationship. It’s incredible to witness. If you want to bring joy and happiness back into your relationship, I highly recommend getting coached by Rose as she will help you and your loved one find the Fire Within Life.

Sat, Financial Planner

My wife and I have been working with Rose for the past three months. We are participating in the mental fitness program. Initially we were skeptical as to whether it was going to make a difference in our lives. Being three months in, we have noticed significant changes to our stress and anxiety. My productivity at work has gotten much better with less stress as I’m able to think much clearer. Both my wife and I have never felt better. I highly recommend Rose. She is amazing and we couldn’t have gotten these amazing results without her.

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