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Hi there, fabulous friend!

Welcome to my little corner of positivity and love! If you've ever faced relationship challenges (who hasn't, right?), then you're in the right place. Let's embark on this exciting journey together!


You know, life has thrown some pretty wild twists my way, and I've danced through both traumas and triumphs on this crazy ride. From early childhood, I grappled with relationship challenges that led to an unhealthy marriage. It was like navigating a stormy sea, but I refused to let the waves drown me!

Rose Cecchetto Relationship Life Coach

Fast forward to dealing with teenage issues mixed with marital problems – talk about a whirlwind of emotions! It seemed like a recipe for disaster, but I slammed the brakes and told myself, "Enough is enough! It's time to take control of my life."


And so, the winds of change blew, and I mustered the courage to walk away. It was both terrifying and liberating! I invested in myself, got that new wardrobe (oh, hello, high heels, my newfound confidence boosters!), and took my very first trip with my fabulous "girls" – all fellow divorced warriors, by the way!


Picture us laughing, dancing, and basking in the sunshine on that sandy beach. It was pure magic! As I soaked up the sun, I made a heartfelt list of all the qualities I desired in my next relationship and the areas I wanted to grow within myself. And you know what? I tucked that list into my suitcase, carrying it as a symbol of hope and transformation.


Back home, it was time for some serious self-love! I started decluttering, exercising, eating right, and nurturing my soul like never before. And let me tell you, the town had never seen someone as ready to take on the world as I was!


In the midst of this exhilarating journey, one fateful night at a cute little bar, fate played its hand. A random guy asked the waitress to approach me for a drink. I couldn't see him clearly, but I decided to seize the opportunity. Turns out, it was his birthday, and he was a Gemini (my perfect match, since I'm a Libra – Planet of Love!). Life's way of winking at me, right?

We started as friends, and I thought that was that – just two souls connecting. But destiny had a plot twist in store! Mr. Gemini turned out to be my Mr. Wonderful, and together, we've celebrated 20 amazing years of happiness and love.

But life's journey wasn't all smooth sailing. In 2013, I faced a fierce battle with cancer. As I lost my hair, Mr. Wonderful stood right behind me, picking up the strands off the floor so I wouldn't notice what was happening. And ever since, he's been my rock, supporting me through thick and thin.

Through all the highs and lows, I've come to one powerful realization: loving oneself is the ultimate key to finding true love. It took going through all of life's twists and turns to finally learn to love myself – not because I needed someone to complete me, but because I truly wanted a partner to share the joys and challenges of life.

And now, my dear friend, I'm here to share my story and help you find that fire within your life! As a relationship and positive intelligence coach, I'm all about embracing love, releasing fear, and creating a strong foundation for happiness.

So, come on, let's walk hand in hand through your unique journey. Let's laugh together, cry together, and discover the beautiful and resilient person you truly are! I'm here with a compassionate heart, practical insights, and a whole lot of love to sprinkle along the way.

If you're ready to embrace love and ignite the spark within, then consider me your partner in this incredible adventure. You're not alone – together, we'll light up the skies with your newfound confidence and joy! So, take a virtual seat, and let's begin this beautiful chapter of your life!

XO, Love Coach Rose

Rose Cecchetto, CPC, CPQC Certified Relationship and PQ Coach

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Level 1: Bridging the Couple Chasm

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