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Zodiac Corner: Gemini

Geminis + Libra: Chemistry at First Sight” – Gemini World

It’s the month we celebrate Geminis! Gemini’s best matches are Libra, Leo, Aquarius and Aries. These highly compatible signs can hold Gemini’s attention long enough to form and maintain a relationship, their least compatible are Taurus and Scorpio.

Geminis hold a special place in my heart, and for that, I pick Libra as their best compatibility sign (I am a Libra).

If it wasn’t for Mr. Wonderful being a Gemini, we would never have met.

I’ll never forget the time when I was finally emotionally healed, roadmap in hand as to what I was looking for in a partner and feeling a little lonely because I was ready to date again, but not ready for a relationship, I had a heart to heart with the universe and a day later I met Mr. Wonderful.

It was Friday, May 30th, my best friend, a Gemini released an album and wanted to celebrate. I called all my girlfriends to join. We went to a cute little bar. I was standing at the bar with a friend when the bartender approached me and said “there is a guy who wants you to buy him a drink.” I said absolutely not. A few minutes later, she approached me again telling me the same thing only this time she mentioned it was his birthday. Well, because I love astrology and because when I was finally single for the first time in my life, I decided I wanted to date a Gemini as Geminis are apparently my best match, I bought him the drink. He has spoiled me ever since and we celebrated 18 years together on the 30th. We are truly a perfect match with all our perfect imperfections.

If you are a Gemini, I strongly advise you look for your Libra. You will find your match made in heaven.




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