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Zodiac Corner: Cancer

“Cancers tend to be the perfect blend of shy and sweet, and on the other side, wild and crazy” -YourTango It’s that time of the month again. This month I will be sharing my thoughts with regard to Cancer signs. Let’s start with Cancer’s worst compatible signs - Sagittarius and Leo.

Although Cancer’s best matches are Aquarius/Pisces cusp, Pisces, Taurus, Scorpio and Capricorn, in my view, when cancer and Aquarius/Pisces cusp or Pisces come together, love and marriage will be a magical union.

Both are water signs, Cancer and Pisces have the capacity to bond on a very deep level. These signs also know exactly how to comfort each other. They understand each other on a deep level that they can communicate without saying a word. They give each other the security they both need.

Although these signs are a good match because of their similarities, their differences also compliment and balance them.

The similarities they share are, Cancer is a natural caregiver and Pisces is gentle, compassionate and very understanding of other people.

Their differences are that Cancer tends to feel nervous which leads to worry and Pisces tends to be detached from the material world and can experience problems with practical skills. What makes these differences compliment and balance each other is that Cancer can help Pisces with practical matters while Pisces can provide the emotional needs the Cancer craves to feel safe and secure.

These similarities and differences help bring out the best in both signs, which, in my opinion, is the recipe for a lasting relationship.

Let’s have some fun, if you are a Cancer let me know if you agree with my opinion and if not, who do you think is your most compatible sign?




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