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What word will define you in 2021?

As 2020 ends and we celebrate a new year, many of us are thinking about New Year resolutions, which I would rather refer to this as good intentions for a new year. These good intentions usually last a few days or weeks if you’re lucky.

For me, I like to choose a word for the year rather than a resolution as my word will assist with keeping my resolution. Picking a word of the year brings me focus and clarity to what I want to create in 2021 and in my life. If you decide to choose a word of the year, the word you choose should define your way of doing or being. The word will keep you accountable for the things you have decided warrants your energy and resources and is a reminder of how you want to show up in your life. This strategy might not always work but, when you stop living your intentions you will be prompted to think of the word, and your word of the year can quickly center and ground you and will probably bring you back to your intention.

The word you decide to use should be of a foundation. You will have to dig deep to find the perfect word which is meaningful to you.

Why choose one word? To me, one word has a simplicity and elegance and forces deeper soul searching and helps with tough choices.

How to choose one word? What helped me find my word was looking at the many related, intertwined words surrounding my word, this helped with the depth of the meaning I was looking for.

When choosing your word ask yourself some questions.

  • What was your biggest success this past year? What were you most proud of?

  • What word would describe the foundation of your success?

  • Were there moments you could have handled things better? If so, what word pushed you in the right direction to help you succeed.

  • What word inspires you to help yourself be your best?

The word I have chosen this year is “Structured” (related and intertwined words would be prepared, planned, ordered, controlled, well thought out). I found this year has been a roller coaster for me, which gave me a feeling of overwhelm. This year I need to be structured so I can succeed in every aspect of my life. Organization and structure will bring me peace and joy in 2021.

Some ways to remind you of the word you have chosen, place the word in places where you know you will see it every day. For example, place the word by your bed, in the washroom, on the fridge or on your closet door.

Choosing your word will not only last for a year, but will be with you forever. When you practice a ritual every day for 30 days, the ritual becomes a habit for life. Although in the following year you will find a new word, subconsciously the word you choose this year will last forever.

What word will be your “word of the year” and why? I’d love to hear your comments below.



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