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Hi I'm Coach Rose,


As a compassionate relationship coach, I am a firm believer in making a difference in your life, I guide you to understand your worth, to use your voice, stand your ground when needed and help you recognize that independence creates internal and external freedom.  With this new-found freedom, you will be able to love more deeply and will allow others to love you back in the same manner, because only at this point will you finally, completely and unconditionally love the utmost important person in your life, YOU.

My focus is on being real, a great listener, being kind, compassionate, honest and making a profound and life changing impact on your relationship; just genuinely caring about you and your outcome. I provide a safe place where you can be vulnerable in order to create the profound changes you envision for yourself.

Through my teaching techniques of self-healing and mindfulness, you will fall in love with yourself with all your perfect, imperfections which will enable you to love deeply and allow yourself to be loved in the same manner.

I strongly believe if you trust in the universe, trust in yourself, put in the hard work required to create the loving relationship you envision and follow your heart, the only thing you will find waiting for you at the end of your journey is JOY.

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Kind words...

My Role As Your Coach

As a compassionate relationship coach, I help women on the verge of separation rekindle a deeper love within their relationship in 12 weeks.  I am not a therapist. I am not a consultant. I am a coach, a relationship coach. A therapist will dig deep into your past. A consultant will solve your problem. A coach will hold your hand while you write the next chapter of your life. I have helped coach clients through the following relationship issues:

›› Self Care/Self Love

›› Couples / Dating

›› Separation/Rekindling Love/Divorce

›› Helping cancer survivors learn to accept and enjoy their new journey

›› Relationships in the Workplace

Let's embark on this journey together!

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