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The Ultimate Communication Workshop

It's not what you say, it's how you say it!

Don't know the Safe Conversations dialogue? Get started learning how to effectively communicate with your partner and deepen your relationship using Safe Conversations Ultimate Couples Package at our lowest price of the year.

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. This year, Valentine’s Day probably looks a lot different for most of us. When normally you would be venturing out for a romantic date night at a restaurant or the movies, odds are, this year you need to be a little creative at home.

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Whether you choose to prepare a homemade dinner or order take out, have a romantic game night, or watch a movie from the comfort of your home, learning to connect on a deeper level would be the best gift you can give to each other?

Is your relationship worth investing time in? I’m offering a special Valentine’s Day package wherein I will teach you how to practice safe conversations, improve communication and love on a deeper level.

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Are you ready to level up your relationship?

The Ultimate Couples Package Includes:

  • Learning the true definition of “relationship” and “communication” and why this is the key to every successful relationship.

  • Safe Conversation

o Mirroring, Validating, Empathy and Gift exercises
o  Zero Negativity
o Repair process to undo any hurtful things you have encountered as a couple
o  Use affirmations

  • A special bonus I will be including if you purchase before February 14, 2021, are four romantic games and suggestions on setting the mood for a romantic evening.

  • Schedule the perfect time that works for you and your partner and watch how communication enhances your relationship!

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Limited time offer!!


$99.99 per couple

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